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7 Content Marketing Trends for Healthcare Brands

Updated: 6 days ago

In the healthcare industry, content marketing packs a lot of punch, from driving patient education and demand generation to enhancing brand visibility and more. With the proper strategy, content marketing becomes a cost-effective investment, building meaningful connections and deep engagement with your audience.

Skeptical? Here are some stats that might change your mind:

  • Online content consumption has surged by a remarkable 207% since 2020

  • The average person spends around 7 hours consuming content daily

  • Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing

  • 81% of marketers view content as a core business strategy

In this post, we will dive into 7 modern content marketing trends that healthcare marketers should be embracing.

Content marketing trends for healthcare brands

Educational Content

It’s no secret that consumers are becoming increasingly proactive about their health. They no longer rely solely on healthcare professionals for guidance; instead, they actively seek information to make informed decisions. Healthcare content marketers play a crucial role in meeting this growing demand by emphasizing the creation of educational content. This content should not only be accurate but also easily accessible and engaging.

It can take various forms, including blog posts, articles, infographics, videos, and webinars. By providing educational resources that empower individuals to understand their health better, healthcare brands can build trust and credibility while helping consumers take charge of their well-being.

Mass General Hospital produces a wealth of helpful videos to educate and engage their patients. They have a number of different playlists on their YouTube channel highlighting different conditions, what to expect during certain procedures, insights from practitioners, and a focus on patient education.

Content marketing trends example: Mass General Hospital
Mass General Hospital uses video to educate patients on a multitude of healthcare topics

Emphasis on Patient Experience

Beyond clinical information, healthcare consumers are now interested in the real-life experiences of patients. They want to know what it's truly like to navigate the healthcare system and undergo treatment.

Healthcare content marketers can bridge this gap by sharing patient stories, highlighting positive patient reviews and testimonials, and offering practical tips for navigating the complex healthcare landscape. This emphasis on the patient experience allows healthcare brands to connect with their audience on a deeper emotional level, humanizing the often intimidating world of healthcare.

Video and Interactive Content

Multimedia content has become a powerhouse in healthcare marketing, effectively educating and engaging consumers. Video marketing and interactive content, in particular, have proven their worth. Healthcare content marketers can leverage these mediums to enhance engagement. Educational videos can explain medical procedures, and treatment options, and offer tips for healthy living.

Interactive quizzes, assessments, and calculators engage users actively, helping them assess their health and test their knowledge on various medical topics. This multimedia approach not only captures attention but also facilitates better understanding and retention of healthcare information.

Community Building

Social media has become a cornerstone in reaching and engaging healthcare consumers. Healthcare content marketers should leverage these platforms not only for content sharing but also for patient engagement in demand generation. This includes participating in discussions, responding to questions, and offering valuable insights to establish the brand as a reliable healthcare resource.

Moreover, brands can build a sense of community on social media platforms where healthcare consumers can connect, share experiences, and seek support. By integrating social media into their strategy, healthcare brands can cultivate a loyal and engaged audience, extending their influence

Carrot Fertility is doing an excellent job of building a community around the theme of fertility by showcasing stories from their members, and practitioners who address common questions and myths around fertility. They released a Menopause in the Workplace report surveying thousands of women about how menopause impacted their careers and what type of support they had.

Content marketing example of community building
An Instagram reel featuring a Carrot Fertility member story

Personalization and Relevance

A growing number of marketing tasks are being delegated to generative AI and automation. Automating too much can create a lack of authenticity and resonance required to connect with your audience effectively.

In an industry like healthcare, we crave more human experiences. Modern healthcare consumers expect content that directly addresses their unique needs and concerns. Healthcare content marketers can meet these personalized expectations by harnessing data and analytics.

By segmenting your audience based on demographics, preferences, and behavior patterns, you can create content that is not just relevant but deeply personalized. This might involve sending tailored newsletters, recommending specific articles, or addressing frequently asked questions. Personalization enhances the user experience, builds a stronger connection with the brand, and encourages audience loyalty.


Healthcare podcasts have seen surge in popularity, with listenership up 44% since 2019. Countless healthcare brands are capitalizing on this trend as part of their marketing efforts. With 55% of podcast listeners turning to this medium for learning and 30% seeking expert opinions, it's clear that podcasts offer a ripe opportunity for a complex industry like healthcare.

Podcasts excel in delivering valuable information in an easily digestible and portable format. This makes exploring complex topics more accessible to the general public. Beyond this, podcasts offer the added advantage of being easy to repurpose for other forms of content. The insights and knowledge shared in podcast episodes can be transformed into blog posts, YouTube shorts, social media posts, and more.

Grippi Media's State of Healthcare Podcasts 2023 report

Repurposing Content

In order to keep up with the growing demand for new content, it is essential that marketers find ways to repurpose existing content.

Repurposing content allows you to maximize the return on your content investments. Creating original content can be resource-intensive, but by repurposing existing material into various formats like videos, infographics, or blog posts, you can extend the lifespan of your content and reach a wider audience. This not only saves time and resources but also enhances your website's SEO by regularly updating and refreshing your content. Additionally, repurposing enables you to reinforce core messages, build authority in your industry, and stay relevant in the marketplace.

Furthermore, repurposing content supports efficient content planning and cross-promotion. You can strategically schedule repurposed content to align with specific campaigns or product launches, ensuring a cohesive and consistent content strategy. Cross-promotion across various platforms allows you to drive traffic from one channel to another, increasing overall visibility and engagement.

In essence, repurposing content is a versatile and effective strategy that not only optimizes your content investments but also helps you adapt to the diverse preferences of your audience while maintaining a strong online presence.

7 Trends of content marketing

Ready to Try These Content Marketing Trends?

Content is a vital component of modern healthcare marketing strategies. It serves as a versatile tool for enhancing brand visibility and driving revenue. Content marketing facilitates direct communication with the audience, building trust and generating interest.

By embracing these 7 content marketing trends and working them into your own strategy, you'll be able to attract and engage your target audience, while building brand traction in the marketplace.


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